Gold Sugar Sprinkles that Shimmer

Some may say gold sprinkles are over the top

I think they are absolutely indulgent, yes, but they also can provide a look of elegance or glam.  Sometimes its just fun to make stuff look shimmery or glittery.

Especially when it comes to baked goods, as they often don't have a look of sheen or shine unless there is a glaze on top.

I haven't been a big time sprinkle user in the past, in fact I am only just now discovering that there are actually many varieties of them.

I always thought just the rainbow mix you get in the stores was pretty much the limit.  But I watched a video the other day where a woman used an "Autumn Mix" and it was just so fun.  There were some pumpkin and leaf shaped sprinkles mixed with regular shaped ones, all with very autumn-y colors.

I'm not so used to baking with sprinkles as I've said, but I think they are definitely a fun addition on top of baked goods that can be quite eye-catching.


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