Mint Green Cake Stand

One of the more fun parts about baking is that it's not always all about what you make or how good it tastes, but about how pretty it looks.

I love learning about new decorating techniques that I can use to make my desserts look as visually appealing as they taste.

In the same vain, sometimes it's nice to display them on pretty things as well, like this light green pedestal cake stand with a dome cover.

Cakes are usually displayed on these very Victorian looking displays.  I think they do the best of making it feel like something grand, which it often times is.

When you go through all the trouble of baking, frosting, layering, and decorating a cake, why not make sure the presentation is nice as well?

Aside from how it looks, it's also just very practical.  It's hard to fit a cake into some tupperware.  You'll end up having to slice up the leftover cake into however many pieces can fit into your plastic containers.

Don't be fooled by the intricate designs either, often times these displays are very affordable.  So you have something that looks great, is affordable, and practical.  That's always a good option.


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