Rosanna Pansino by Wilton Silicone Gem Shapes Candy Mold, 12-Cavity
I love chocolate molds like these because they are so easy to work with.  And who doesn't want to make some crystalline looking chocolate gems?

I think it would be fun to make them all different colors like the picture on the package, and stack them up to display them.

This mold is silicone, which I really don't prefer.  However, when it comes to chocolate and candy making, it can make things easier.

I purchased this mold on sale at Walmart before, but unfortunately I lost track of it after moving and didn't get a chance to play with it.

I am tempted to purchase it again having coming across it like this.

I truly love the shapes and think you could have a lot of fun decorating, filling, and displaying these.
Cybrtrayd Cross Lolly Chocolate Candy Mold with Lollipop Supply Bundle
I'm not sure of another time you would use these except for Easter, but they are very effective for that purpose.

These are simple pour and set molds.  You can use candy melts or chocolate chips with them.

I like that there is some texture on the front, it isn't a smooth surface finish.  It adds dimension to the finished product.

They do look quite big as well, maybe enough to plan for one per person.

However, since there are only four per mold, you may need to consider buying multiple molds for a large batch.

I was incredibly lucky to be gifted with the Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Mini Cocottes for my birthday this year.

They are so adorable, I plan on keeping them forever!

As an avid baker and home cook, of course I have always wanted Le Creuset  cookware, but it's not exactly known for being affordable.

So this was a real treat!

I got started right away searching Google and Pinterest for recipes.  Surprisingly though, aside from egg recipes, there weren't that many.  That didn't stop me from coming up with ideas of my own though.

Here is everything I've baked so far in my mini cocottes:

1. Pancakes.  One of the very first things I did was bake pancakes in them using Hungry Jack's Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix.  You just make the mix according to the directions on the box, butter the pans, fill them up about 2/3 of the way, and bake for 325 degrees for around 10 minutes or so.  They are amazing!  It tastes like a cake.  It is so moist and fluffy all at the same time.
2. Roasted garlic.  I've always wanted to try roasting garlic, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I rinsed my garlic, chopped the tops off, and roasted a few bulbs in each pan with about a tablespoon of butter and olive oil in each one.  I roasted them at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes.  Wow.  They were so fragrant and soft.  I actually ended up making garlic butter from the roasted garlic and used it on just about everything.  This is definitely a new staple recipe of mine.
3. Roasted asparagus.  I washed my asparagus, broke each stalk into 3 or 4 pieces and filled up the pans with a few pieces each and some butter and seasoning.  I roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.  They came out so tender, if you like steamed asparagus definitely give this a try.
4. Eggs (oeufs en cocotte).  Okay, so just because it's the only recipe you can find on the internet for these mini pans, doesn't mean it's not delicious.  I tried several variations of the dish and was pleased with each and every single one.

Somehow I thought I had cooked more than that.  I am really excited to try baking in them soon as well.  These have definitely inspired me to try new things in the kitchen and I am looking forward to using them for a long time.

Do you have experience with mini cocottes?  I'd love to know some of your favorite recipes if you'd leave them in the comments below!