Where to Find Espresso Powder in Grocery Store

I have recently started baking with espresso powder.  I have actually only recently started drinking espresso as well.  I am sad that it took me this long to discover it.

I have always avoided it because I hate the taste of coffee so I assumed it would be pretty similar.  But whereas coffee is quite bitter, espresso has a strong, bold, rich flavor to it that I find very appealing.

I tried using this powder to flavor a cake I was making and loved it.  You can definitely taste it, and it doesn't taste artificial, like if you were using an extract.

In order to find this at you local grocery store, I think you would have some trouble.  I haven't personally come across it at any of mine.  I would recommend checking both the coffee and the baking aisles at your local grocery store if you were looking for it there.

I was able to buy mine from the Kitchen & Company store where I live.  I think you would have a better chance of finding it at similar baking specialty or health specialty stores.

You can also buy it from the King Arthur Flour website, and Amazon.


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