Cream puffs might seem like a daunting recipe to beginner bakers, but they are actually quite easy if you have used similar techniques before.

They are essentially made from the same ingredients as a roux, just with eggs and sugar added.  You can just use whipped cream for the filling.

My go-to easy cream puffs recipe is:

The recipe is straightforward and the video is very informative as well.

I've even made a mistake such as adding in an extra egg before and they still came out pretty tasty, that's why I call these a "no-fail" recipe.

If you've been wanting to try making cream puffs but been putting it off because they are intimidating, give this recipe a try. 
Along with unicorns, mermaids seem to be a big trend recently.

Although, mermaids have pretty much held a constant place in pop culture for many years now.

This mermaid tail cookie cutter is great because it happens to double as a whale tail!

So whether you are looking to decorate a mythical creature or one of the largest fish in the ocean, this cutter is for you.

These sea creature cookie cutters are absolute enchanting.  Whether it's an under the sea or Little Mermaid party, these would be perfect.

I love sets that come with a lot of variation, not just the same thing but in slightly different ways.

This set definitely achieved that with seven very different sea creatures.

There's so much here that you might not even get around to using them all.

I know this is a popular theme for children's birthday parties and I think it would even be fun to let them try their hand at decorating these!
Fishing happens to be another hobby of mine, so I think these fish shaped cookie cutters really fun.

For some reason when I was looking for these, I thought they would all look like the shape of gold fish crackers.  A simple, cartoonish shape.

I was pleasantly surprised to find these semi-realistic shaped ones.

I think these would be fun to decorate in layers, to try and achieve a more realistic effect.
Claiming anything is the "best ever" is audacious of course, but this recipe is really, really good.

It also happens to be super simple and fast, making them even more attractive.

I had been requested to make sugar cookies and went online to search for a quick recipe using melted butter.

I knew most recipes would call for softened butter to be creamed with sugar, but I needed a recipe for on demand sugar cookies.

Luckily I found this small batch "Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe" Christina on her blog Dessert for Two.


They come together super quick and tasted pretty amazing.  They have definitely become my go to recipe.

I even had success doubling the recipe.

I cook them in the air fryer per her directions and am amazed every single time.  They are slightly crispy on the outside, and delicate yet chewy on the inside.  Perfection.

I would definitely recommend giving this recipe a try the next time you have a craving for sugar cookies.
I think seeing the Eiffel tower is on everyone's bucket list.  But when that isn't possible, why not bake an Eiffel tower cookie?

Of course it pales in comparison to the real deal, but it will probably taste yummy nevertheless.

While these happen to be a popular shape for baked goods, I suspect they would be hard to decorate.

It's some incredible architecture to try to mimic.

I would definitely go the "cutesy" route to save face.

An absolute necessity for bakers is a mixing bowl.  There are a few things you can get away with, such as using a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer, but using a small, regular dining bowl is not one of them.

Even small batch recipes require larger bowls than your average dinnerware bowl.

Of course you can pick up a mixing bowl at pretty much any superstore or home goods store, but sometimes it's nice to have a matching set like this red one.

All the better if you happen to have a red themed kitchen as well.  Most American kitchen appliances, utensils, and gadgets come in basic colors such as white, black, silver, and red.  So the chances of these fitting right in are high.

Matching sets like these are also great because of the size variation.  Sometimes you will absolutely want to go with a very large bowl, where other times a standard size mixing bowl will do, so it's nice to have a choice.

Do away with the mix-matched kitchen and consider getting a matching set like this.
While I am unsure what theme this hot air balloon cookie cutter falls under, I would be interested to find out.

You could definitely call it southwestern, but I doubt anyone is having a southwestern cookie party.

I believe some people use them for baby showers as well, decorating them in pastels and maybe adding teddy bears to match.

Of course, you could just happen to be a fan of this uncommon mode of transportation as well.

Whatever the occasion, they do seem really fun to decorate as they can have simple or really intricate designs depending on your abilities, and are usually very colorful.
As a home baker, I've taken joy in mastering a lot of recipes and techniques.  I like when my food tastes good, and I like serving it to people and seeing the satisfaction they get from eating it as well.

So, it can be disheartening when a recipe doesn't go well.

For me, this usually happens when baking bread.

I have no where near mastered the art of bread making  yet.  Which, I don't fault myself in the least considering how many factors go into making the perfect loaf.

Bread Making Considerations

There's the yeast, the flour, the kneading, the environment/humidity, the type of butter you use, proofing the dough, and probably even more factors that I can't think of off the top of my head.

It's really crazy that so many different factors can affect the way your bread turns out.

Take croissants for example, I have baked croissants at least five times now, and never been happy with the way they turned out.

Something has always gone wrong when baking them.  Whether it be the butter melting, the butter leaking out of the dough during the "laminating" process, baking them at the wrong temperature, not leaving them out to rise long enough, etc.

It seems almost impossible to make the "perfect" croissant.

How to Make Good Bread?

Even a "simple" loaf recipe can go wrong quick if you make a mistake during any of the steps.  Thus, making good bread still eludes me.

I would love to know if any of you are experiencing the same sort of problem.  Is bread-making still your worst nightmare or did you master it in no time?

Leave me best bread-making tips below!