While looking up recipes for croissants, it has come to my attention that there may be some confusion between croissants and crescent rolls.

So, what's the difference between a croissant and a crescent?

For starters, their country of origin.  A croissant is a french pastry, made from laminated dough with many layers.  The dough is cut into triangles and then rolled up into the "croissant" shape, which confusingly enough is technically a "crescent" shape, like a crescent moon.

The pastry when baked is very flaky and rich from the butter lamination.  In France, variations include chocolate croissants, which is the croissant dough with a stick of chocolate rolled in the middle.  For this type, the dough is usually square shaped instead.

A crescent, as far as I know, is an American invention.  It most commonly refers to the canned dough (Pillsbury crescent rolls) that you can find in the refrigerated section of grocery stores, next to the canned cinnamon roll and biscuit dough.

When you open the can, the dough comes out in a single rectangular sheet (after being unrolled) that has perforated cuts to shape the triangles.

You roll these up to make the crescent shape, just like croissants, then bake them.

The dough is not the same as croissant dough, but is it's own unique texture.  It's most similar to a cross between biscuit dough and soft yeast rolls.

Americans use crescents for just about anything from pizza rolls to s'mores crescents.

Sidenote: Americans also prefer to use croissants as bread for sandwiches. It's common to see breakfast sandwiches with croissants or lunch sandwiches like ham and turkey.  However, this is not common in France.

That is the difference between croissants and crescents.  Hopefully this helped clear up any confusion!
These aprons are perfect for coffee lovers and drinkers.

An underrated tool in the kitchen is an apron.

It can save your clothes from stains and odors, prevent you from getting burned, and give you a handy place to wipe your hands at all times.

Like most people, I hang my kitchen towel on my oven door handle.  The problem is that it's constantly falling down.

It's inconvenient and possibly unhygienic.

Because of this, I've been meaning to get an apron for a while now.

If you face that same problem perhaps you've been looking for one as well.

I certainly believe that it can help with efficiency in the kitchen.
Or if not for yourself, perhaps you're looking for a gift for the cook in the family.

For the same reasons stated above, I think it's a great idea that they'd really appreciate.

These aprons are obviously coffee themed, and are perfect for the cook that loves coffee.

Whether you want to go for the barista inspired one which lists types of coffee drinks that surround a coffee cup made of coffee beans, or the vintage Americana, advertisement inspired design is up to you.

I personally love the clean looking design of the coffee cup one, but I understand that some people like a little more color.

Whichever you choose, I'm sure you or the coffee addict in your house will love it.

Don't you just love how nostalgic the picnic basket inspired print on this oven mitt is?   Every time I see it it reminds me of homemade apple pie and clear blue skies.

Perhaps that's why it's so popular.  This red and white checkered, or gingham pattern is very common to find on anything that you can put patterns on.

In fact, if you are looking for this design in particular, you probably want it to match some items that are already in your kitchen.

If that is the case, this is a good set.  It comes with two oven mitts and two pot holders.  The thing I like about the oven mitts is that the top half, the part that touches the hot pans, is made of silicone.  Silicone does a much better job of preventing you from getting burned than just regular fabric.

But they managed to make the bottom half fabric, so that they are not too plain looking.

As someone who bakes a lot, I know how it important it is to have the right equipment.  Don't overlook having quality oven mitts to keep yourself safe.